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Goya Marketplace is a decentralized, multi-chain NFT marketplace that enables users to trade NFTs and Inscriptions across various blockchains, including Bitcoin, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum. 


Goya's Features

Multi-Chain Support

Goya Marketplace supports multiple blockchain networks, enabling users to trade NFTs across various chains, reducing the fragmentation in the NFT market and providing a unified experience.

Low Transaction Fees


Goya Marketplace provides a cost-effective NFT trading experience for our users. To offer low transaction fees, we have implemented a layer-2 scaling solution that enables us to process transactions off-chain.



Goya Marketplace promotes interoperability between different NFT marketplaces, which enables other platforms to access our liquidity pool, trade NFTs, and participate in our NFT lending program.

Multi-Chain Trading Engine

Goya trading engine is built on a modular architecture that allows us to add support for new chains easily, ensuring that our platform remains up-to-date with the latest blockchain technologies.


Goya APIs and SDKs

Goya Marketplace develops a set of APIs and SDKs that allow other platforms to integrate with Goya Marketplace seamlessly to access our liquidity pool, trade NFTs, and participate in our NFT lending program.


Goya Lending

Goya Lending enables users to lend and borrow NFTs, providing liquidity for their NFT assets. Users can stake their NFTs as collateral to borrow USDT stablecoins, with a minimum collateralization ratio of 180%. 




GYA Token

GYA is the native token of Goya Marketplace, which serves as the platform's utility and governance token.


GYA token holders can participate in the governance proposals to shape the future of Goya Marketplace.

Stake to Earn

Users can stake their GYA tokens to earn dividends from the transaction fees generated on the platform.

Pay Transaction Fees

Users can pay their transaction fees using GYA tokens, reducing the cost of trading NFTs.

GYA Token Allocation



Q1 2024 - Q2 2024

Launch of our NFT lending program

Integration with Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum

Development of our user-friendly interface

Q3 2024 - Q4 2024

Integration with Bitcoin and Solana

Development of our cross-chain communication protocol

Implementation of our layer-2 scaling solution

Q1 2025

Launch of our interoperability APIs and SDKs

Integration with leading NFT marketplaces and platforms

Expansion of our NFT lending program to support new categories

Q2 2025
Development of our mobile app
Exploration of new NFT categories, such as virtual real estate and metaverse assets
Continued growth and expansion of our platform

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